Ghana Navy Shortlisted candidates 2020/2021 Recruitment Exercise

 The Ghana Navy Shortlisted candidates for the Recent Recruitment that was concluded will be detailed on this portal—-All Aspirants who participated in the Ghana Navy Recruitment should check if there names are among the list of Ghana Navy Shortlisted candidates.

Ghana Navy Shortlisted candidates

Ghana Navy Shortlisted candidates

There are some important tips that will help you towards the previous recruitment that was conducted and it can only be found here only on this portal. Our comprehensive guide will help you to get more access to the Ghana Navy Recruitment, and while searching for this information do everything necessary to achieve  your aim and objective.

There are many things you need to put into consideration which matters most and those things are, some important factors necessary  for this Navy Shortlisted candidates .

Ghana Navy Shortlisted candidates.

Shortlisted candidates are names of individuals, candidates or aspirants who applied for the Ghana Navy Recruitment and the management saw that this individual meet the necessary requirement and choose to recruit this candidate and he/she was selected to work with the management. So this is it you are Shortlisted, and often at times if your name was not among the list that means you do not meet the requirement, that is to say that you are not qualified.

NOTE: This Portal is created to help, Teach, and Guide each individuals, Aspirants who are in need of Knowledge. The Purpose of this portal is to breakdown any information as regards to the Recruitment in question. WE DO NOT Recruit or Shortlist any Candidates who Applied for any recruitment. But we stand as an Information Booster to help all Individuals who are Aspiring for this Current recruitment to get what they want and to achieve their Aim and Objectives.

There will be a LINK below, this  Link will help you to get all you need as pertaining to this Recruitment.


Ghana Navy , Recruitment List of Shortlisted Candidates for the 2019 GAF Recruitment exercise has been successfully uploaded online, follow the leads below to access the list;

Visit GAF Recruitment Portal via or to access the list.

Candidates are requested to take note of their selection centre and to bring along with them the following documents:

1. Copy of the print out of the reply to your online application (qualified to the next stage)
2. Birth Certificate (Original) not Baptismal Certificate

3. JHS Certificate   (Original & Photocopies)
4. SHS Certificate   (Original & Photocopies)

5. Two (2) passport size photograph

Failure to submit ALL the afore-mentioned documents automatically renders a candidate disqualified.

CAUTION: Candidates who wants to Check the Ghana Navy Shortlisted candidates should be very sensitive and careful, We hereby Advice that Candidates should visit the Recruitment PORTAL or WEBSITE and follow the Steps outlined for Application. DO NOT GIVE MONEY to any agent proving to get you Recruited Please take Note.

For more Questions and further Information pertaining to this recruitment get in touch with us on the Comment Space Below.

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