Florida woman Tya Posley faces child abuse charges after viral video leaked twitter

Florida woman Tya Posley faces child abuse charges after viral video leaked twitter
A Florida lady has been imprisoned after she was found manhandling her one-year-old little girl in an upsetting viral video. Tya Posley, 23, was captured Tuesday morning by Sanford police at her home subsequent to learning of the video posted on her Instagram Story, News 6 WKMG revealed. In the appalling video, Tya can be heard telling the youngster:

“Your dad wants to post shit right, he wants to post shit and not answer the fucking calls. I hate your ass,” before slapping the kid’s face and back.

At the point when officials showed up at Tya’s home, they were at first there to beware of the kid’s wellbeing. While they supposedly couldn’t see any injuries on the kid, they had the option to distinguish the casualty caught in the video as a one-year-old. Moreover, they had the option to affirm that Tya was the one who beat the kid. Web-based entertainment has answered the video requiring the mother to be considered responsible.

“This Tya Lynn girl needs to be arrested immediately and she needs to lose all custody of her child’, One person tweeted.

“You have to be a different type of bad guy to hurt a child.”

Ari Fletcher also expressed her Contempt for the young mother, tweeting: “Please go to jail. God bless this kid! It’s disgusting. It hurts when they make fun of a black man.

Tya is right now being held with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department and comes up against indictments of youngster maltreatment without hurting. She was delivered on $2,000.00 bail and is booked to show up in court on June 7. Right now, the manhandled young lady is being taken care of by the Child Protective Services (CPS).

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