Fully Funded Canadian Universities Without Application Fees in 2022 – Apply Now

Let us discuss all such Canadian Universities that have zero application fees. Check out the list and apply accordingly to kick off your educational journey in this beautiful country in no time.

1# Seneca College:

  • CAD 90 as application charges but,
  • The above application charges can get waived off by applying through an international web application.

2# Redeemer University:

  • $120 as application fees for international students
  • $40 as application fees for USA & Canada nationals. But it can be waived off if students apply for the fee waivers.

3# Canadian Virtual University: Little / No Application Fees.

4# Booth University:

  • No application fees (for Canada & USA students).
  • $150 application fees (for international students)
  • Application fee waivers are available for the students enrolled in the final year program.

5# Tyndale University: 

  • No application fees (for USA & Canada students).
  • International students will have to pay a small amount of $50.

6# University of Calgary:

  • $125 as application charges (for local) and $145 (for overseas)
  • But students can apply for the full application fee waiver by filling out a separate form for application fee exemption.

7# Royal Road University: 

  • $128.1 application fees
  • Students can apply for the fee exemption.

8# University of Winnipeg:

  • $100 as application charges (for locals)
  • $120 as application charges (for overseas). The chance for application fee exemption is still available under particular conditions.

9# University of Alberta:

  • $75 Undergraduate Application fee (for locals) & $125 (for overseas)
  • $135 Graduate Application fee (students from least developed countries are exempt).

10# Quest University:

  • $20 as application fees.
  • Application fees may be waived off, but only in certain circumstances.

11# University of New Brunswick:

  • $65 as application charges.
  • However, no application fees for the students who once participated in the virtual recruitment events between November 2022 to March 2023

12# University of Victoria:

  • $81 for Canada Nationals.
  • $142.00 for Internationals.

13# University of Manitoba:

  • $100 application fee.
  • Students of age 65 or older/ Canadian citizens / permanent residents can enjoy application fee waivers.

14# University of British Columbia:

  • $108 as application charges (for Graduate studies) & $123 as application charges (for Undergraduate studies)
  • Students from the least developed countries can avail themselves of the application fee waivers.

15# Centennial College:

  • $95 as application fees (for local applicants).
  • No application fees (for overseas candidates)

16# Mount Allison University:

  • $50 as application fees
  • Opt for the application fee exemption department to get fee waivers.

17# Athabasca University:

  • It charges $115 as application fees.
  • But students can opt for the fee exemption.

18# Fairleigh Dickinson University:

  • $100 as application Fees.
  • However, it has $50 application fee waivers by applying before April 1.

19# University of Teluq:

  • Charge $82 as application fees.
  • It also gives application fee waivers.

20# RMC of Canada:

  • $75.00 application fees.
  • Students can apply for the application fee exemption via the financial aid department.

21# York University:

  • $130 as application fee
  • Submit a “Common Application” for Application fee waivers to get the fee exemption.

22# Queen’s University:

  • $100 as application charges
  • Apply for the application fee waivers by submitting an application with required documents stating the financial situation of applied candidates.

23# Saint Mary’s University:

  • No application charges for online applications

24# Concordia University:

  • $100 as application fees
  • However, $20 has been waived off for the Undergraduate application fee. Meanwhile, students must submit the application to the Financial Regulations for application fee waivers.

25# University of Guelph:

  • $90 (for Undergraduate) & $110 (for Postgraduate) as application charges
  • Yes, candidates are eligible for fee waivers if submitting this amount is a hardship for them.

26# Brock University:

  • $100 as application charges
  • Application Fee waivers are available for OVEC students.

27# McGill University:

  • $122.52 (for Undergraduate studies) and $125.71 (for Graduate studies) as application charges
  • Students can apply for the Different Fee waivers.

28# Algoma University:

  • $70 (for non-0UAC) & $125 (for internationals) as application charges
  • Application Fees can be waived if the candidate applies directly to the Algoma University website.

29# Laurentian University:

  • It has $100 as an application fee.
  • Also, provide application fee waivers

30# Cambrian College:

  • $95 as application charges
  • Submit the fee waiver form to get the application fee exemption.

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