How to get admission without writing JAMB and Post UTME into any University

Can i get admission without jamb | The guideline Below Provides Total Comprehensive Information you need to get on the Road to your Professional Educational Careers

Hello and Welcome to Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB ) Change of Course and Institution / Data Correction Procedure 2019. Do you need a guideline that help you get more Access to JAMB Change of Course and Institution / Data Correction Procedure? this page is what you need, We will unfold all you need to know about how to Change Course and Institution / Data Correction Procedure.

How to get admission without writing JAMB

JAMB is getting more difficult to pass each year that passes. Most candidates who succeed to pass JAMB do that illegally by paying people to runs their JAMB for them which most of these people are scammers.It’s not all that succeed through this as their are lots of scammers out their who promise to help you but don’t at the end.

DO YOU KNOW WHY JAMB IS GETTING DIFFICULT❓ Jamb will never get easier, in fact the more the year passes the more difficult it gets. The reason is that the board is getting more crowded every year. Students who failed JAMB last year will wants to still apply this year so the number of students applying every year will keep increasing whereby making admission very competitive if not completely impossible. That’s why JAMB will always make sure only few students are successful.

This is to also warn you that, there is nothing like JAMB RESULT UPGRADING. Before this last jamb exam, I also warn many students that there is nothing like jamb runs. But unfortunately some students ignored my message and subscribed for jamb runs. During the jamb exam, I received many calls and messages complains that they have been scammed. Some said the answer sent to them do not match with the one jamb set for them, and some said they didn’t receive any answer. well, that is there own cup of tea, after all, I warned them. I hope you are cleared?. Good, LET US MOVE TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

How to get admission without writing JAMB

Some students who eventually manage to pass JAMB have to struggle with another round of qualifying examinations – POST UTME which is another storm a student needs to overcome before they can now fully gain admission into the universities or polytechnics of their choice. A lot of students would rather avoid all of the stress and opt for easier ways to gain admission into the university without having to write JAMB or POST UTME examinations.

Actually, there is a better way of getting admission into the University without Jamb. Many Students has lived in ignorance thinking that Jamb is the only and surest way of getting admission into the University, but i tell you that Jamb is the most difficult way of getting admission into the University. I’ve got complaints from most students who say that they have been at home for more than 2years waiting to succeed through Jamb. I don’t only give out information to students, but also ensure that they succeed in getting admission into their desire school which is the main focus.

Imagine where a school is having 4,000 positions for admission and over 60,000 students are applying for admission in that same school. Are you seeing that the competition is very high that’s why only a few lucky ones are been admitted? And i tell you admission into the Tertiary Institution is strictly on merit that’s why i don’t recommend Jamb for any students.

Have you heard of IJMB? If yes, that is the better and easier option for you to get admission into the University without JAMB. Read along as i will be throwing more light on this. Many parents and students are not aware of this program. You can check your JAMB brochure on page 2 to confirm this.

I did not mention PRE DEGREE, PRESCIENCE OR MATRIC because the students must write jamb before they can gain admission, and the results are just for a year. With IJMB, you are not gonna have to write JAMB and the certificate takes 7years to expire.

For the purpose of those that are not aware of this programme, let me make you understand what’s all about

How to get admission without writing JAMB

Meaning of IJMB:

IJMB means interim Joint Matriculation Board. It is an advanced level (A’level) nine(9) month Federal Government Programme run and moderated by Ahmadu Bello University, ABU Zaria.

IJMB was setup to serve as an alternative mode of gaining admission into tetiary institution in Nigeria into 200Level via Direct Entry (D.E) and majority of Nigerian Universities recognize the IJMB result as a criteria for gaining university admission

7 set of students who can apply for IJMB

  1. Students seeking admission into any university
  2. Student who failed JAMB
  3. Students who did not sit for JAMB
  4. Students with deficiency in English or Mathematics
  5. Students who just graduated from SSS3
  6. Students awaiting O’level results.
  7. Students wishing to switch course or university.

Can I apply if I have a deficiency in English and Math?❓

YES!! IJMB also offers O’level subjects that is of WAEC standard in only 2 subjects i.e English and Mathematics, to facilitate your admission. This means that if you have a deficiency in either English or Mathematics in your O’level result, you can sit for IJMB O’level examination instead of registering for another SSCE examination (there are intensive lectures to cover those O’level subjects).

10 Reasons Why IJMB is the best:

  1. Your admission is 100% guaranteed
  2. It projects you one year ahead of others
  3. To run IJMB is relatively cheap compared to what is obtainable in other programme that guarantees 200Level admission into Nigerian universities.
  4. You can get admission into any University of your choice
  5. You can study any course with the certificate
  6. You can apply with awaiting result
  7. It does not stop you from your work (i.e for those that are working)
  8. These results take whopping of seven(7) years to expire unlike JAMB that is only for a year.
  9. You can still be doing it and apply for JAMB if you want to kill two birds with a stone.
  10. You have more advantages of being admitted unlike those who used JAMB since students with A’Level Result ( IJMB Result ) are very fewer in ratio.


Duration of the programme:

The IJMB programmme runs for 9 months after which you will be admitted into 200Level into any University in Nigeria (your choice). Are you now seeing that it saves you the stress of JAMB and the expenses, you will be making during JAMB and Post UTME.

10 More Benefits of IJMB

  1. Affordable School Fees(payment on Installment is allowed)
  2. Well Equip and Affordable Hostel Facility
  3. Short Course Duration
  4. The result is acceptable in all Universities (Federal, State and Private)
  5. The programme is available for all courses
  6. The result gives you admission into 200 Level in the university
  7. You don’t have to write JAMB/UTME, except you wish to do so
  8. JAMB/Remedial/Predegree gives you admission into 100L while IJMBE is to 200Level.
  9. IJMB Result is valid for 7years. Thus, a candidate can use the result for many years like WAEC result, but JAMB, Remedial, Predegree result is useful for one year only.
  10. Why pay over 500,000 in a private University in your first year when you can pay less and gain admission into 200level with IJMB.

Requirements for applying for IJMB:

This is the part i love most. The only document you need to apply for IJMB is just your WAEC, NECO, GCE or NABTEB result with Eight ( Passport Photographs) and nothing else. I guess this will make your life a whole lot easier. Students with awaiting result can also apply.

Fees for IJMB:

  • Form – N5,000 + (N10,000 for Acceptance fee)
  • Tuition – N90,000
  • Hostel – N50k (the hostel fee is not compulsory if you have a place to stay closer to the IJMB Center)

In your mind now, you may be saying “wow the fees are much” but i tell you that the fees are very very much low. This is it:First of all you know that the probability of success through JAMB is 40% which is not guaranteed and even if you’re successful in JAMB, you still need to pass the Post UTME screening exam of your choice of institution to be admitted.

Let’s assume you are going through JAMB, you will be making spending on the following:

  • JAMB form
  • Post UTME form
  • Other Miscellaneous like processing, transport, etc

This is the biggest part: When you finally succeed in getting admission into that University, You will have to make payment of the following:

  • Acceptance Fees
  • School Fees
  • Accommodation
  • Other Miscellaneous like textbook etc

Now if you should add all you have to spend through JAMB and 100level you will find out that you are spending an average of 400k.

Remember when I was telling you why IJMB is the best, I said that it saves you time. How?

Imagine paying 150k for 9month and getting admission into 200level. It saves you time and money because you’re not gonna spend for 100level and you will also meet up with your peers that are in school already.

What is the assurance of getting admission?:

Yes, I remembered I said the admission is 100% guaranteed. Let me explain.

If you register in any of our centers I will be giving you below, you are among the lucky ones as we help our candidates during the exam period to ensure they get a high score that will enable them to apply for any course. This is especially for those that want to study Engineering, Law, or any medical course.

Also, as an Academic Staff Media and running a partnership with about 85% of the Universities in Nigeria, I also send out a list of my candidates to the IJMB portal for recognition which makes the program a saver bet for our candidates. If it’s not for these centers that I will be listed below, then forget about IJMB as there are so many unaccredited IJMB study centers in Nigeria. Beware


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